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Zzoom was set up in March 2009 by Andy Morris with the aim providing quality IT services to small business and home users in central and south west London. Now based in Ashford, Surrey we have access to all areas of London with train, tube and road connections close by.

Zzoom is registered at companies house in London and is VAT registered.

We have a network of trusted suppliers and contractors giving zzoom scope and flexibility to provide complete yet competitive services under a single point of contact.

Many of our current clients are thorough personal recommendations of other customers or people Andy has been employed by or with in the past.


About the founder, Andy Morris.
Andy has over 22 years of working in IT within such diverse business sectors as manufacturing, music, healthcare and public relations. Initially a systems administrator he graduated through various technical and management roles to be Technical Support Manager at Universal Music.

Most of his technical career was within the music sector starting with the independent Zomba Music Group (the people who unleashed Britney Spears, amongst others) but ultimately ending up at Universal Music Publishing following various mergers and acquisitions.

Outside of work Andy plays Lacrosse and holds a referees qualification in the sport. The highlight of his sporting career was to play for the squad representing England in the 2001 European Championships. He is also a student of Jujitsu at Sony Jujitsu Club situated at the Sony Music offices in Kensington.


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Registered office:188 Chesterfield Road, Ashford, Surrey TW15 3PU
Registered in England: Company Number: 6855022 VAT Registration: GB 988 696 913