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11th October 2011 - Upgrading PCs for BMG            
We’re in the process of upgrading the machines for BMG Chrysalis to comply with the BMG standard. One of challenges is to make the transition the new machines as easy as possible for the staff. To this end we’re ensuring that all data on the old machines is being backed up copied to the new machines including internet favourites, desktop shortcuts, Outlook signatures and email auto complete (.nk2). With the Auto complete this is no longer a case of just copying the .nk2 file but copying it to a place where it is accessible on to the new machine and then using an import tool available from Microsoft to import the information into Outlook 2010. So far the process has been smooth. Just to be safe the disks of the old machines will be backed up and retained in case there is some data that a staff member may need access to in the future.

Here is the link to the Microsoft cached email address import tool (.NK2 file import)

5th October 2011 - Major BT Outage            
BT Broadband. Now the calm after the storm. One of my clients was effected by the problems BT were having on Monday due to a power outage (details on bbc website: I had a problem contacting the Broadband support team when initially investigating the issue and had to resort to calling my Local BT Business Sales team to find out what was going on. And due to the lack of internet access we were unable to monitor the resolution progress from the various BT web sites and social media. For the future as well as the Broadband support number: 0845 600 7020 for actually logging issues. I’ll be saving a note of the service status line 0800 169 0199 just to keep an ear on the updates for major issues without having to spend an hour waiting to speak to someone and tying up their time .

30th September 2011 - Emails Hidden in plain sight            
An Outlook user based at one of my client sites reported that email notifications were popping up, but the new emails were not appearing in their inbox. As I was on site I went to the desktop and looked at the inbox, it took a moment or two before I spotted that the inbox was grouped but the Today group had been minimised. Clicking the + button on the group header expanded the group and the elusive new mails were now visible.            

We all have those sorts of days sometimes.


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