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Free Stuff from third party software vendors

IT's always nice to find stuff for free and below is our recommendation for free applications which we use ourselves, and do the job with a minimum of advertising. In some cases the vendors offer premium upgrade version of the software.

The small-ish print...
While we're happy to recommend the software below, you do download, install and use them at your own risk and zzoom does not accept any liability for loss through their installation or use.

Anti virus            
While the free version of AVG Antivirus 2012 may not give full protection to all the potential threats out on the net, it goes a long way to give basic virus protection for Surfing, Searching and Social networking and is 100% better than no anti-virus at all.

The link on the right here will take you to the AVG download page where you can compare their free and premium versions with a link to their free offering.

For a fully fledged anti-virus, we use Titanium from Trend Micro on our in-house systems.
For a viable alternative to Microsoft Office, look no further than OpenOffice from Oracle for Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations Drawling and Data Bases.        
More free stuff to be added soon..          

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