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What we've done

On-Site Desktop Support cover at BMG Chrysalis        
To allow continuity of service ZZOOM has supplied on-site cover staff for periods of a single day to two weeks, where a company may only have a single IT staff member, this provides peace of mind both for the local staff and the person away on holiday. With BMG a training and hand over period of two days was enough to cover the basic processes, and now we can provide ad hoc cover with very short notice.        

Upgrade to BMG standard machines


Following the acquisition of Chrysalis Music by BMG one of the final tasks in the integration process has been to replace the older PCs in the Chrysalis office with new machines that comply with BMG standards of hardware and software. ZZOOM has assisted in this by applying the BMG image to the new machines and then shipping to their Bramley road office.

We have also assisted in the roll out the new machines to the users base, advising on process and ensuring that the personal information on the old machines, photos, music, internet favourites and Outlook email auto-complete list (.NK2 file) etc are all saved and imported onto the new machines.


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What we've done
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