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Remote Support

We are able to offer remote support to your desktop through screen sharing software, though you will need to have access to the internet to download the software and establish the secure connection.

We use a remote support tool called Cross Loop. Once you have installed the CrossLoop software we can establish a secure connection from our PC to yours so we can remotely diagnose and resolve issues.

When you run the CrossLoop software you will be shown a unique code. You must tell the support person to allow them to access your machine. Once we have entered the code at our end you will get a message asking if you wish to share your desktop with the support person.

When we have finished the support session and terminate the connection to your machine, we cannot re-connect without you again granting access from your side.

You can also un-install the software if you wish after the support session has been terminated.

  How to get remote support.

1. Give us a call on 079 7672 3955

2. We’ll ask you to go to the Crossloop site: and down load the software that will enable the remote connection to be established.

3. Once the Crossloop software is installed, establish your secure connection to the Crossloop server.

4. Give your reference ID to the support person

5. Click Yes to the message asking to allow screen sharing
6. We’ll take a look at the issue and let you know the problems may be and advise on a course of action.
(at this point you may be asked to make a payment via paypal, if we are unable to resolve your issue we will issue a full refund of any monies paid)

7. Let us work out magic

We’ll talk you through terminating the session and if required, uninstalling the CrossLoop software.

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